Summary of Polish National University Championships
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Summary of Polish National University Championships

Another year of Polish National University Championships (AMP) has concluded – with over 20 000 students from 130 different universtities, it has been one of the most successful editions of AMP.

From January 2022, student-athletes could partcipate in first regional, and then the national competitions in 30 sport disciplines. Depending on the popularity of the sport, first semi-finals (up to 4) took place to determine the participants of the finals. All together, 74 events were organized by university sport clus from across Poland. In some sports, we could observe a notable growth in popularity – in competition of woman’s football, 23 teams took part, fieldhockey – 30 teams, 3×3 Basketball – 29 women’s teams and 40 men’s team.

As during the last edition, few very successful atheltes took part in competition. In athletics, gold medalists from Tokio came to Poznan to represent their university – Małgorzata Hołub – Kowalik or Natalia Kaczmarek. One of the best female athletes in sport climbing – sisters Natalia and Aleksandra Kałucka competed in Lublin in AMP. What’s more, many participants of Olympics Games or World Championships also participated in various disciplines.

Next edition of Polish National University Championships will take place from January 2023 until June 2023.

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